Assignment#9 - A Personal Profile Article : Peeping his Passion and Performance

Assignment#9 - A Personal Profile Article

Peeping his Passion and Performance : My Classmate Park Sung Kwon

In class, Jeff professor said a word to us, and then asked “ Is anyone who knows this meaning?” Yes, there is him, Park Sung Kwon. During this semester that I took with him, I never saw he didn’t raise his hands and could not answer to Jeff’s questions. Like that, he has a lot of  passion on study and he is active in class. So now, look into what he have done!

[Soju Boy]

“ What did you do in this summer? Did you travel to a foreign country?” Sungkwon said “ No, but I will be able to do in next year.” I was curious about why did he say like this.  “ What did you mean? You mean that you earned the expense for overseas travel in this summer? ”
Then, he informed me how he earned much money easily . “ While I was looking to get a part time job with a good wage, I found a job in a website. The pay was so interesting and at that time, I thought it was just what I had been looking for” “So, tell me more detail.”  He started to say his experience confidentially. “ Do you know ‘Joheun Day Soju’? Belonging to it, I worked as a part time worker who promotes a new product. Whenever new one came out, I took canned beverages and hung out them to people dropping by each restaurants near universities. By doing this job, I earned more than 1 million in each month. The amount seemed much for the hardness I felt. ”  I was so surprised that I said that I also want that kind of job. Then he asked me in fun. “Do you want to work wearing a short robe flattering people ?” Of course, my answer is “Never ever”.
Unfortunately, according to his saying, in the last day, he was so drunk that he fell down slipping over the puddle in the street and he broke his finger. It means that he lost a part of his money. It would be also because of his too much energetic character.

[ sweats  and stage ]

“ And then what is memorable as much as that , next?” “ In last winter, I challenged  to the acting” “ What? how did you get to act ? what a surprise~!”. He said me that he started to do by the merest chance. “ I’d wanted to do something extraordinary in my vacation. So I found a advertisement that looks for who want to act in play ‘Greece’ and  I decided to do that.” His daring decision was so astonishing to me and I  asked him to difficulty that he took in it.
“ In fact, I was a bad dancer, even now, I’m so.  At that time, l took my best efforts to perform like others. Everyday, all members had to practice till late for our harmonious performance.
I always had to com back home being drenched with sweats.
At first time that I com on the stage, I was so nervous and the stage ,itself, made me feel uncomfortable. When the stage lighting turn on, I thought It could fail.  but, I found myself enjoying the stage. It was great experience.” He let me know how great the achievement that we feel is after we overcome difficulty.

[ future that he wants]

“So, then will you travel overseas in the next year?” He said that going overseas  was not for travel. “ I have a plan to go Australia as a working holiday for 1 year. It could be a good chance to improve my English skill and to experience a foreign society.” I wanted to know about his next plan after Australia. “Did you already have  a plan after that? ” He answered with concern. “ Being based upon the experience, I might get to do a internship system at the international trading company.” As my thought, It would be not so easy and not run out as what he expected. But on the contrast, It can be so with his passion and his decisive performance seen through his stories. I think his future is expected to be glorious and bright.


A#6 Don't Lose Your Confidence!

Don’t lose  your confidence! 

When we become senior, we live with many concerns about uncertain future. Also, we often sigh and regret our past life  by ourselves who cannot fill  blanks in the currier section of CV. 
But, don’t feel small !  We still have a possibility to get employed.

In fact, historically and sadly, companies generally choose the competent candidate with experiences and abilities to match a job description because new employees are regarded as an investment which gives financial return for them . So then, truly, is there no way to just improve our ability and career? Not really. Not all companies hire a highly qualified person. We can sometimes find those who easily get employed without any good qualifications

According to Forbes, a company called ‘ Fishbawl’ has achieved a great record growth by hiring non-perfect people. Why did they take a risk like that even though they had been progressing ?
There are main  2 reasons that they suggest this to other companies.

First of all, under-qualified people have more possibility of developing and more passion to work hard because  they do not have any experience yet  and they try to do more to follow up qualified ones. In fact, in Fishbawl, the employees who had defects had really got progressed and accomplished over their results.

In addition, they bring new blood to the company. they are eager and fresh rather than outdated. Nothing that they experienced, it could be the gold to make a solution to the old and stereotypical problems. They approach problems with innocent perspective, by going back to its root. So they can resolve problems very creatively and differently with the others and it can be a driving force to bring positive and fresh change.
Like this, more and more enterprises begin to consider under-qualified ones as their promising employees.

Nonetheless, unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that all companies are like this one about their employment. But it also means that not all companies choose high-qualified people.
Therefore, don’t give up by your trivial currier and look back yourself by realizing what a good applicant you are!


Pray for Paris

"C'était atroce", les témoins des attaques à Paris et Saint-Denis sous le choc

TEMOIGNAGESpar Rédaction de France Infosamedi 14 novembre 2015 01:52
Le Stade de France, où se jouait un match amical entre la France et l’Allemagne, a été bouclé après deux explosions aux abords, intervenues aux alentours de la 20e minute du match, et qui ont fait au moins cinq morts © Maxppp

Six attaques simultanées ont frappé vendredi soir Paris et le Stade de France à Saint-Denis, faisant au moins 120 morts avec un lourd bilan dans la salle de concert Le Bataclan. Sur France info, des témoins de ces différentes attaques racontent l’horreur de ce qu’ils ont vu et vécu.

Le témoignage de Louis, qui était allé au concert du groupe de rock américain Eagles of Death Metal au Bataclan. Il a réussi à s’enfuir. "En plein concert, y a des mecs qui sont arrivés, ils ont commencé à tirer au niveau de l’entrée et ils ont tiré en plein dans la foule en criant "allahou akbar'". Le bilan est très lourd, au moins 80 morts.
Le témoignage de Clarisse. Comme Louis, elle était au Bataclan cette nuit, au concert. Elle s'en est sortie saine et sauve car elle est restée cachée pendant trois heures dans les combles de la salle de spectacle. "J'ai couru, couru, on s'est tous mis à plat ventre, on a essayé de trouver une sortie, on a essayé de taper contre les portes des loges, quelqu'un nous a ouvert..."
Le témoignage d’Evelyne, qui depuis sa fenêtre rue de Charonne, a entendu au moins 20 déflagrations dans la rue et vu les blessés sortir d'un restaurant. "J’ai vu un fiancé qui criait après sa fiancée pour pas qu’elle s’endorme. Elle était sur le brancard, ils l’ont emmenée, c’était atroce…"
Le témoignage d'Evelyne, qui habite dans le Xe
Le témoignage de Philou, gérant d’un restaurant dans le Xème arrondissement, l’un des quartiers visés par les attaques du 13 novembre. "Nous, on était en plein service avec tout le monde dehors en terrasse et puis tout à coup il y a eu des explosions… "
Le témoignage de Philou, gérant restaurant dans le Xe
Le témoignage de Thierry, qui assistait au match France-Allemagne, vendredi soir au Stade de France. "On a entendu les trois explosions sans se douter de ce que ça pouvait être… "
le témoignage de Thierry, au Stade de France  


The worst teacher; Narrative Essay

Our class is full of smell of sweats, and the atmosphere is also depressing and not good enough.

One day, we were taking a rest in our own ways as usual.
Suddenly, the front door creaked open.
When we raised our heads, our class teacher was standing with his livid face.
He opened his mouth holding back his anger. “Go outside changing your uniforms!” He just said only these words and went outside.
We were all embarrassed about his action and didn’t know what to do. The class president first relaxed our agitation and led us to go out. We all were standing wearing our sweatsuit  in front of the platform.

After a few minutes, he came back and suddenly yelled at us, saying “ What have you done until now? There is nothing you’ve done for achieving your project. How did you guys get the worst grades in our school, not only once but twice?” and he continuously pushed us to bring us to our senses. While he was nagging us, we had no choice but just to listen his nitpicking  and follow his order to run three laps about the school ground.
At that time, we all realized how disappointed he was about our poor grades and how stressful he was for our class to be compared to other ones and irritated at colleagues’ doubt about his qualification as a class teacher.
But, it was too much to train us to run and squat walk around the playground  like army.
Each of us were very  resentful and embarrassed about this absurd situation.
Also, we feel shameful about the glances of other class students.

Finally, instead of  studying history by sitting in a chair, we’d done exercise like a gym class  for  one hour. In spite of his sincere advice, we’d still had not so good scores  since then. When I look back on that time, it was like one type of punishments. It was open to become problem about his qualification. In addition, it was not fair and  not reasonable to pushed us just because of our grades.  We could demand the validity of his actions and resist it.

However, it would be not a unique case in our society. Even though I enter the university,  there is no big change and no improvement by comparison with the high school system.
I realized not to settle  for the present and to be critical ,and have questions about the way the society works.
it is also the reason why I start to write the opinion essay about social issues.


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