Assignment#9 - A Personal Profile Article : Peeping his Passion and Performance

Assignment#9 - A Personal Profile Article

Peeping his Passion and Performance : My Classmate Park Sung Kwon

In class, Jeff professor said a word to us, and then asked “ Is anyone who knows this meaning?” Yes, there is him, Park Sung Kwon. During this semester that I took with him, I never saw he didn’t raise his hands and could not answer to Jeff’s questions. Like that, he has a lot of  passion on study and he is active in class. So now, look into what he have done!

[Soju Boy]

“ What did you do in this summer? Did you travel to a foreign country?” Sungkwon said “ No, but I will be able to do in next year.” I was curious about why did he say like this.  “ What did you mean? You mean that you earned the expense for overseas travel in this summer? ”
Then, he informed me how he earned much money easily . “ While I was looking to get a part time job with a good wage, I found a job in a website. The pay was so interesting and at that time, I thought it was just what I had been looking for” “So, tell me more detail.”  He started to say his experience confidentially. “ Do you know ‘Joheun Day Soju’? Belonging to it, I worked as a part time worker who promotes a new product. Whenever new one came out, I took canned beverages and hung out them to people dropping by each restaurants near universities. By doing this job, I earned more than 1 million in each month. The amount seemed much for the hardness I felt. ”  I was so surprised that I said that I also want that kind of job. Then he asked me in fun. “Do you want to work wearing a short robe flattering people ?” Of course, my answer is “Never ever”.
Unfortunately, according to his saying, in the last day, he was so drunk that he fell down slipping over the puddle in the street and he broke his finger. It means that he lost a part of his money. It would be also because of his too much energetic character.

[ sweats  and stage ]

“ And then what is memorable as much as that , next?” “ In last winter, I challenged  to the acting” “ What? how did you get to act ? what a surprise~!”. He said me that he started to do by the merest chance. “ I’d wanted to do something extraordinary in my vacation. So I found a advertisement that looks for who want to act in play ‘Greece’ and  I decided to do that.” His daring decision was so astonishing to me and I  asked him to difficulty that he took in it.
“ In fact, I was a bad dancer, even now, I’m so.  At that time, l took my best efforts to perform like others. Everyday, all members had to practice till late for our harmonious performance.
I always had to com back home being drenched with sweats.
At first time that I com on the stage, I was so nervous and the stage ,itself, made me feel uncomfortable. When the stage lighting turn on, I thought It could fail.  but, I found myself enjoying the stage. It was great experience.” He let me know how great the achievement that we feel is after we overcome difficulty.

[ future that he wants]

“So, then will you travel overseas in the next year?” He said that going overseas  was not for travel. “ I have a plan to go Australia as a working holiday for 1 year. It could be a good chance to improve my English skill and to experience a foreign society.” I wanted to know about his next plan after Australia. “Did you already have  a plan after that? ” He answered with concern. “ Being based upon the experience, I might get to do a internship system at the international trading company.” As my thought, It would be not so easy and not run out as what he expected. But on the contrast, It can be so with his passion and his decisive performance seen through his stories. I think his future is expected to be glorious and bright.

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